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Rain Retail Customer Stories

With the average Rain Retail customer increasing sales by 20% year-over-year,
our customers are making a big splash in retail. Hear how
retailers like you are growing their business using Rain Retail.

Chapman's Acoustic Shop Increased Sales by 35%

"Our Year-over-year sales increased by 35%, after switching to Rain Retail."

~Jeremy Chapman, Co-Owner, The Acoustic Shoppe

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MusicianSupply Significantly Increased Foot Traffic and Sales

"After switching to Rain, our foot traffic increased significantly because people are now finding our products online"

~Miles Stewart, Store Manager, MusicianSupply

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Denver Divers Increased Sales by 23%

"After we started using Rain, we saw a 23% increase in sales in Q3 Year-over-Year."

~Bonnie Sherman, Partner, Denver Divers

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Adventure Plus Cuts Inventory Management Time in Half

"My inventory management time has been cut in half and I have more time to build relationships with my customers to grow revenue"

~TJ Cottam, Co-Owner, Adventure Plus

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Doug McNeese of SSI on How
Rain POS Brings Modern Retailing to Scuba

"What can we do to bring modern retailing to (Scuba)...what can we do to bridge all gaps...Rain offers that multifaceted solution"

~Doug McNeese, President & CEO, SSI

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