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The all-in-one Scuba POS built for you.

Manage your inventory, customers,
and marketing in one system.


Rain pulls it all together.

Think of the time you’ll save when you can enter information in one place and your
website, and marketing tools all update at the same time. No more double data entry.

Pos System

Simplify your life with the most advanced
all-in-one system.

  • Inventory management & ordering
  • Customer and loyalty tracking
  • Simple yet powerful reporting


Impress your customers with a
beautifully designed website.

  • Inventory always in sync with POS
  • Easy to use widgets
  • Responsive design


With Rain, managing rental
equipment is now a breeze.

  • Track Inventory
  • Track Customer Accounts
  • View reservations, deposits, late fees, waivers 
  • Checkouts are now quick and painless


With Rain’s rent-to-own management, you can quickly create a rent-to-own contract right from your POS register.

  • Streamline payment terms
  • Easily track maintenance fee's
  • Account for insurance payments
  • Easily access late fee's and more


  • Create Rental Packages

    Quickly add products to your rental inventory and specify which accessories can be added to the reservation. Create packages for items frequently used together, or rent individual items piece by piece; it's up to you.

  • Set Variable Rental Periods

    Set rental periods (hourly, daily, weekly, season, etc.) with the corresponding pricing. Since the rental software is integrated with the Point of Sale, the total will automatically be calculated for easy checkout.

  • Collect Information

    Dictate what customer information you need to collect for the rental: age, height, weight, skill level...whatever information you need, the system can collect so you can assign the right gear to the right customers.

  • Customize Deposit Amounts

    Choose if you’ll collect a deposit for each rental option. We understand that some items require a larger deposit than others, so we made the software flexible for you to set that up just the way you like it.

  • Determine Late Fees

    Setup late fees in the amount you choose at the time you choose. Want to charge by the hour? No problem. By the week? Gotcha. It's your stuff; you decide when it's due and what the penalty should be if it's not returned on time.

  • Generate Reports

    Wondering where all your stuff is? We've got you covered. Run daily reports to see how many rentals you have going out on a given day, how many rentals are returning, and how many are late or overdue.

Hear How Denver Divers Increased Sales by 23%

"After we started using Rain, we saw a 23% increase in sales in Q3 Year-over-Year."

~Bonnie Sherman, Partner, Denver Divers

Thousands of retailers grow with Rain.

Rain enables brands, big and small, to reach new heights.
"My inventory management time has
been cut in half and I have more time
to build relationships with my customers
to grow revenue"
TJ Cottam
Adventure Plus

The scuba shop POS built for you.